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‘Conscious’ my word for 2022

Jan 02, 2022
Conscious The word for 2022

Happy New year everyone

It has been an interesting year, lots of adventures, challenges and triumphs.

If you are reading this that means you are still here so Well Done You

I don't like making New years resolutions, as I usually reach the end of the year and realise I have not kept any

Instead I choose a word to be my theme for the year.

This year my word is "Conscious", I would like to be consciously creating more of the life I want for me and those I love.

I would also love for the collective consciousness to wake up and fix everything that needs to be fixed.

My hope is that this year will be the year the occupation of Palestine ends, and the genocide, war, hunger, racism, greed, blatant disregard for human life, distruction of our planet, its resouces, creatures and everything else on it ends too.

I am hoping the good that is inside of all of us wakes up and takes control. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Every change starts with you

A tiny little bit consistently is enough, start with just 1% change in the direction you want. You have got this

Sending you all lots of love


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