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Life is a very interesting journey. Various things happen over the span of our lifetime either to us or around us. We react to what is happening in different ways, sometimes we understand and are in control of our reactions, most often we are not. The way we experience life is essentially based on what we tell ourselves, what we tell ourselves is based on our reactions and the thoughts we created in response to what has happened. Through Rapid Transformational Therapy we are able to find the root cause of the thought and reprogram it. Healing trauma and upgrading systems along the way. It is a truly remarkable therapy. To read some testimonials click the button below.


Auto-immune illnesses

My belief is that provided the illness is not being caused by an external force, then it is controlled by your mind. Meaning if it is not a virus or bacteria entering your body and creating the illness you are! So the question is why and if the illness was your friend what would it be trying to tell you. This is an especially important area for me as I understand the great power each of us has in their mind.

My mission is to help my clients unlock their power and take control. I suffered from MS for 17 years before I discovered RTT and I love being able to help other people cure themselves of illnesses Drs have called incurable.

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Your perfect body

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. There is no one size fits all. Sadly I see so many women going on diet after diet, killing themselves at the gym or hating themselves and their bodies for not being perfect!

I help my clients love themselves to the body of their dreams, no diet, and no exercise.

We use my amazing Complete Body Transformation system, which combines mindset and strategy for an unbeatable result.

My clients will never have to go on a diet again and neither should you!

I want to love myself the body of my dreams!

Money Blocks

As a serial entrepreneur this is probably one of my favorite issues to work on.

I enjoy both the mindset work and the strategy related and get my clients amazing results!

What are your thoughts about money? Where did they come from?

Together we go to the root of your beliefs and completely change your relationship with money. Enabling money to flow to you smoothly and with ease.

Not only will it flow but it will also stay and you will reap the rewards of having money.

Fix My Money Blocks (please)


Fears of all shapes and sizes from fear of flying to fear of public speaking, fear of cats & dogs, fear of anything really.

You were born with 2 fears, sudden loud noises and the fear of being dropped. All the other fears and phobias you have were picked up for one reason or another.

Together we are going to explore where these fears came from and how valid they are.

We will then upgrade the thoughts to ensure a more conscious reaction to the issue we are dealing with.

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The numbers of people diagnosed with depression is increasing year after year. Research has proven that there are 8 causes of depression and only 1 is biological and requires medication. Due to the fact that depression is a spectrum even when the cause is biological adopting a holistic approach to tackling it gets the best results. I love finding the root cause of the depression and coming up with a strategy to free my clients forever. Many clients have reported experiencing a feeling of happiness & lightness, like a weight has been lifted off their chest after as little as 1 session.

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Love Blocks

We all deserve love, some of us believe this others don’t.

Often people will come to me with one of these issues, “I can’t find a partner”, or “I find them but they leave me” or “It starts off great but then I find out they are a narcissistic sociopath or just not who I thought they were”.

When I work on love blocks with my clients we identify what they are looking for & why, we then remove any limiting beliefs holding them back from truly believing they can have this and finally we open up the path for receiving the love that they deserve.

I Want Love!