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Natasha Quariab

Transformation Expert

About Natasha

Natasha is an inspirational speaker, hypnotherapist, serial entrepreneur, proud mom & an expert at helping her clients & those who follow her advice transform their lives.

She is a firm believer that,"Transformation doesn't need to be painful, once you understand how things work everything becomes simple."


Some of the topics Natasha talks about


Talk one: "How I Overcame Paralysis: Self Healing 101"

Description: In this empowering and deeply personal talk, Natasha shares her incredible journey of overcoming paralysis through self-healing methodologies. Participants will delve into the essence of self-healing, exploring the potent blend of mind-body connections, the power of positive thinking, and practical healing techniques. Natasha's remarkable story serves as a testament to the human spirit's resilience and the profound healing capacities inherent within us all. Through her actionable insights and guided exercises, participants will unearth the tools to commence their own self-healing journey, transcending adversities, and rediscovering a life filled with hope, health, and happiness.

Talk two: "Living Stress-Free: A Practical Guide"

Description: In a world incessantly hustling, stress has become an unwelcome companion for many. However, a life devoid of stress is not only conceivable but entirely achievable. In this enlightening talk, Natasha talks about practical and effective strategies to manage and mitigate stress. Drawing from her extensive skillset she offers a holistic approach to fostering a stress-free life. Participants will learn how to identify stress and incorporate mindfulness and relaxation techniques into their daily routines. Natasha's pragmatic guidance, coupled with real-life examples, will equip attendees with the skills necessary to navigate life’s challenges with composure, leading to enhanced mental well-being, improved relationships, and overall a more fulfilling, stress-free life.


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"She changed my life! 

I am calmer, I rest more & take more time for me. I am earning more money now compared to when I didn't rest. I am constantly being appreciated for my work and receive random gifts. This never used to happen! Change your mindset, change your life!" 

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