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Natasha Quariab

Transformation Expert


About Natasha

Natasha is an inspirational speaker, hypnotherapist, serial entrepreneur, proud mom & an expert at helping her clients & those who follow her advice transform their lives.

She is a firm believer that,"Transformation doesn't need to be painful, once you understand how things work everything becomes simple."


Topic One: "Unlock Your Body's Healing Power: A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Healing"

Topic Two: "From Adversity to Triumph: How to Overcome Life's Challenges and Achieve Success Against All Odds"

Topic Three: "Find Your Zen: Mastering the Art of Calm in a Chaotic World"

Topic Four: "Love the Skin You're In: The Complete Guide to Transforming Your Body and Embracing Your Best Self" 

Topic Five:"Stress Less, Live More: Strategies for Managing Stress and Finding Balance in Your Busy Life"

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"She changed my life! 

I am calmer, I rest more & take more time for me. I am earning more money now compared to when I didn't rest. I am constantly being appreciated for my work and receive random gifts. This never used to happen! Change your mindset, change your life!" 

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