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camping dreams hypnotherapy jordan manifesting retreat wadi rum yoga Oct 24, 2022

Today I wanted to talk to you about the secrets behind manifesting the life you want for you.  The more I learn about how the world works, the more certain I am that the keys to manifesting anything are as follows;

  • Give gratitude for what you have
  • Be optimistic and always think of the best possible outcome
  • Enjoy the generous present moment
  • Release any negative thoughts or emotions
  • Raise your vibrations (feel good)
  • Feel the feelings you would feel if what you want has already happened
  • Open up to receive

This November I am taking a group of female friends on a 2 day manifesting retreat in magical Wadi Rum.

During this retreat we are going to work on elevating our vibrations so much that we can truly achieve and have anything.  We are going to dance and sleep under the stars as well as heal some of the limiting beliefs holding us back from reaching our full potential.  

If you are available between the 17th -19th November 2022 join us.

Tap into your super powers in one of the most fantastic places on earth, it will be an experience like no other.  WhatsApp me on +962 7969 68087 or give me a call to book your spot.

The investment is 325 JDS for the retreat including food and sleeping arrangements.

Spaces are very limited so just do it & change your life (I have found we only regret the things we don't do, so if you are drawn to this do it ❤️

Sending you lots of love




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