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My book of daily progress

Apr 03, 2022
Journaling with Hypnotherapy ME

I have got something big to announce ❤️❤️❤️

I am super excited.

A few years ago I made my own little daily journal & I called it "My book of daily progress", I hand painted the cover & printed out the pages, then stapled them inside

I used my journal day after day, it became a habit, something simple & fun I could do daily with ease.

I made sure that the questions I asked myself in the journal would set me up with the right mindset for the day.

I added little things that would direct my energy towards a state of gratitude, boost my confidence and self worth

During my time in Switzerland, I had the opportunity to really slow down in fact almost completely stop & it gave me the opportunity to re-explore what I really want in life.

The answer was still teach people how to heal, how to live their best lives & be conscious.

I feel deep gratitude because I have been doing this for years & I have successfully helped people from all over the world

This time I felt like I needed to be doing more, reaching more people, guiding & helping more people awaken their infinite possibilities.

So since coming back from my trip I got straight to work, taking inspiration from my own journal & improving it with everything I learned from my clients, scientific research & my own experience over the years.



I just launched "My little book of daily progress" on Amazon and it is available for delivery worldwide💃💃💃🧳🧳🧳

If you are located in Jordan don't buy it online from Amazon as they are charging way too much for shipping & handling to Jordan,

I will get some printed locally, just send me a pm if you would like one.

But if you are located in other areas of the globe, with free delivery 😂 & would like to get your hands on this transformational little daily journal.

Just click the link to purchase 🎊😘


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