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Jun 05, 2022
Helping with Depression with Hypnotherapy ME

So much depression is down to people not doing what they want to with their lives and suffering because of it.

I have seen this time & time again, with myself & my clients.

The reason we don't do the things that we want with our lives is because we have limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

These beliefs are making us follow visible & invisible "brules" (@Vishen Lakhiani's word for bullshit rules)

There is no reason for you to be holding yourself back, suffering, & stifling your truth.

If you are continously feeling unhappy, heavy & like you don't love your life, look around, assess the situation, identify why you feel this way & change what is not working.

That might mean leaving a job, relationship, house or dynamic.

It might mean changing your priorities & putting you first. It could be changing your food to give your body the best.

Whatever it is, you know deep down what you need to do to get to where you would love to be.

If you have fears, & you feel frozen, unable to move, don't be hard on yourself .

This is just a sign that you have subconscious thoughts holding you back, everything can be sorted though.

Check out Rapid Transformational Therapy, see how it could help you today

Everyone deserves to live their best life, especially you.

Please send me a message if you would like more information on how RTT could help you today

Sending you all lots of love

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