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Feb 06, 2022
A different perspective with Hypnotherapy ME

Travelling gives me the opportunity to see how different people do things.

While I was in Zanzibar last Summer I took a traditional cooking class. It was great, I enjoyed the class and the food.

Understanding a little about the cuisine was important as one of the things that I noticed was how healthy everyone looked.

I am not just talking about tourist spots and hotels, I visited a hospital and noticed it was mainly injuries not so much illness and this was during covid.

My initial thought was it was due to the diet, fresh local fruits, vegetables, spices & fish. The fresh air, vast sea, & big skies probably also played a role.

But after thinking about it, I believe "Hakunamatata" also plays a big role. This is the Zanzibari's favourite phrase and if you have ever watched the Lion King you know it means, "No worries until the end of your days".

Stress and worry cause illness, that is a proven fact.

Bad nutrition causes the body not to function well.

Over working and disconnecting from nature & human connection causes negative feelings.

Negative self talk or allowing negatively in affects our health.

Take control of your life, take control of your health & body, this is how to start today

Fuel your body with good food (no sugar, flour or processed food, focus on organic fruits & vegetables)

Say nice things to you feel gratitude towards yourself (you are enough )

Focus on the things you are grateful for so that you don't let worry or fear in

Do some grounding or spend time in nature

Just do you & remember nothing lasts forever

What ever is happening in your body right now can be fixed and it all starts with you.

Its so simple & you can start today

If this inspired you leave a comment

Sending you all lots of love


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