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Spend your time wisely!

Sep 01, 2022
Sunshine in the garden with Rapid Transformational Therapy

Being able to enjoy the sunshine in my little garden is one of the things that brings me lots of joy

We spend so much time trading our life for material things.

Sometimes we forget to slow down and connect with what we truly love, the priceless things in life that are often free.

The time that is spent does not come back & we don't know how much time we will be blessed with.

Spend your time wisely

Life is beautiful & can be really happy, this doesn't mean that there is an absence of struggle or problems.

That just means shift your focus to the good regardless of the problems.

The way I explain life to myself & my clients is think of a movie.

You are the main character in this movie of your life, everyone else is a supporting actor, this is your story.

Do not go sacrificing yourself for anyone or anything (read that again)

Not your children

Not your spouse

Not your parents

Not a house

Not a car

Not a social label or status

This is YOUR story.

You are special & you are deserving of all the good God has to offer.

Now, close your eyes, see your self where you are, visualise where you want to be, what you want to achieve, understand WHY you want it (do not trade your valuable time for rubbish short sighted goals)

What is the ultimate goal?

The ultimate goal is the end result (so the goal wouldn't be I want to get better at my job so I can earn more, but maybe I want to be abundant enough to never worry about money)

My question for you today is this....

What do you truly want for you & how can you make the journey to that goal as pleasurable as possible regardless of anything that happens?

I believe in you, create the life you want for you

The ingredients to manifesting anything are a vision for the future while being happy in the now

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